Question-Generator for Use by Teachers to Randomize Practice Problems
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Question-Generator for Use by Teachers to Randomize Practice Problems


Having spent three years teaching high school physics, I know that students and administrators want teachers using computer labs and available technology. The typical environment for a computer lab is monitors in rows around the edge of a room.

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While this setup allows for collaboration, when a teacher is ready to assess students' learning, it is a nightmare. Though a school could purchase privacy screens for the monitors, I think my approach is better, because a) it's free, b) if teachers allow students to work together students cannot copy on another, rather a student would have to explain to another student how they solved their version of the problem and then have them solve their own version using the same system, c) it provides the teacher with nearly instant feedback on student learning, without having to grade mountains of student work.


Run from your command line:

git clone
cd QuestionGenerator
npm install

If the npm install will not run without errors try:

sudo npm install

If you do not have supervisor, install supervisor.

supervisor app

The app should now be running at localhost:3002

How To Use

This web app is designed for teachers and students. It is to be used as follows.

  1. Teacher logs in and has their admin status approved (by me... or go to /make-me-an-admin?password=chyld and then go back to the root page and relogin.).
  2. Teacher then uploads text file with questions (Word Documents may be saved as text files by using the Save As feature in Microsoft Word.).
  3. Teacher uses built in calculator to teach computer how to solve each of the problems.
  4. When complete teacher gives assessment key to students and waits.
  5. Students register or login and enter assessment key given by teacher.
  6. Students complete assessment (each student will receive different numbers in the problems).
  7. Upon completion students will automatically be taken to an individual results table.
  8. Now teacher clicks See Results to view all students' performance.

Additional Resources

I've added a file called testing12testing12.txt which you can use to check out the software's features without actually creating a file yourself. (THIS WORKS IN UBUNTU 13.04)