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DidiWiki 0.66

DidiWiki is a small and simple WikiWikiWeb implementation written in C.
It's intended for personal use, for notes, todo's etc. It includes its
own webserver and hopefully it's as simple as just compiling, running
and pointing your browser at it.


To build, do:
 ./configure; make
To install, do:
 make install  # as root
Or run DidiWiki directly from src/didiwiki.
On startup the URL for your browser will be printed.

If upgrading from an earlier version, it's a good idea to delete Help, Home and
the didiwiki.css from ~/.didiwiki (or $DIDIWIKIHOME) in case of any updated
versions -- unless you want to keep your modifications to those files..!

Notes & Explanations

- Pages are stored in $HOME/.didiwiki (or in the directory in $DIDIWIKIHOME
  when didiwiki is started).
  - The CSS stylesheet there can be modified: didiwiki.css
  - The file didiwiki.ico added there will be used instead as a favicon instead
    of the inbuilt one.

- The webserver part is heavily based on cvstrac's internal server, following
  the same kind of process:
  - It's a pretty simple lightweight forking server. A child process is
    forked to handle each http request.
  - These forked children are assumed to not be around for very long (
    less than a second ), thus no real attempt is made to free up
    memory in these child processes.
  - It's probably not very secure at all. !!PLEASE DON'T RUN AS ROOT!!

- The code uses asprintf in a couple of places. This might be less portable
  to non-Linux systems -- patches accepted.

- You can debug crashes by running 'didiwiki debug' which will not
  start the http server, existing in a single process but expecting the
  http requests on stdin.

- Rudimentary usage is printed when running 'didiwiki help'.

- The formatting style is very similar to that of kwiki.

- Formatting syntax changes:
  - for italics use ^ instead of / (the slash is used too much)
  - Only text (spaces allowed) between [ and ] create valid wiki links

- It was written in C as to fit easily on a PDA..!

- To fully clean the build directory: make maintainer-clean
  - To clean even more:
    rm compile configure depcomp install-sh missing src/
  - To regenerate after that: autoreconf --install