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version 0.990

This script installs Linux Mint Debian Edition (201403), LMDE2 (201503 and 201701), LMDE3, or regular Linux Mint 17, 17.1/2/3, 18, 18.1/2/3, or 19, either i686 or amd64, whether with MSDOS or GPT partitions, UEFI or not. The result:

a fully LUKS encrypted system, with LVM2 volumes of root and swap (and optionally: data) with optional boot partition (with optional boot-from-iso-file too).


1. Boot the Live environment

2. Open a Terminal (Menu/Terminal of Ctrl-Alt-T) and enter:

sudo -i

3. If needed, adapt the SETTINGS section:

nano lmdescrypt

4. Make sure all the partitions mentioned in SETTINGS exist. For example, (re)partition the drive like this (erasing all, taking up all space):

# Unmount all automounted swap partitions
swapoff -a

# This ERASES the whole disk!
sgdisk -Zon1::+2M -t1:ef02 -c1:BIOS -n2::-0 -t2:8e00 -c2:X -g /dev/sda

# For a UEFI setup instead, this example works:
sgdisk -Zon1::+260M -t1:ef00 -c1:EFI -n2::-0 -t2:8e00 -c2:X -g /dev/sda

This is giving almost the whole drive to the encrypted lvm2

5. Start the script:

source lmdescrypt

6. Answer the questions as they come up:

  • set password for encryption

Then after all the preparations have happened:

  • set password for user
  • set timezone
  • configure keyboard

And that's it!

Installing into a pre-existing environment

  • Using a pre-existing boot-partition, LUKS partition and LVM Logical Volumes is entirely supported.
  • Not having a separate boot partition is also supported: total encryption!
  • Multiple booting with other OSes also works out of the box.
  • MBR, GPT partition tables and UEFI work according to configuration.