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  • version 0.39

Bash client for tldr: community driven man-by-example

A fully-functional bash client for the tldr project, providing poignant examples of terminal commands.

tldr page gif

This client can render both the old and the new tldr markup format.


Download the tldr bash script to the install location:

loc=/usr/local/bin/tldr  # elevated privileges needed for some locations
sudo wget -qO $loc
sudo chmod +x $loc

If the location is not in $PATH, you need to specify the path to run it.

tldr page screenshot

tldr usage screenshot


coreutils, grep, unzip, curl / wget, less (optional)

tldr find screenshot

Output customisation

tldr customize screenshot

The 5 elements in TLDR markup that can be styled with these colors and backgrounds (last one specified will be used) and modes (more can apply):

  • Colors: Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, White
  • BG: BlackBG, RedBG, GreenBG, YellowBG, BlueBG, MagentaBG, CyanBG, WhiteBG
  • Modes: Bold, Underline, Italic, Inverse

Newline can be added to the style list to add a newline before the element and Space to add a space at the start of the line (style items are separated by space, lower/uppercase mixed allowed)

  • TLDR_TITLE_STYLE (defaults to: Newline Space Bold Yellow)
  • TLDR_DESCRIPTION_STYLE (defaults to: Space Yellow)
  • TLDR_EXAMPLE_STYLE (defaults to: Newline Space Bold Green)
  • TLDR_CODE_STYLE (defaults to: Space Bold Blue)
  • TLDR_VALUE_ISTYLE (defaults to: Space Bold Cyan)

The Value style (above) is an Inline style: doesn't take Newline or Space

Inline styles for help text: default, URL, option, platform, command, header

  • TLDR_DEFAULT_ISTYLE (defaults to: White)
  • TLDR_URL_ISTYLE (defaults to: Yellow)
  • TLDR_HEADER_ISTYLE (defaults to: Bold)
  • TLDR_OPTION_ISTYLE (defaults to: Bold Yellow)
  • TLDR_PLATFORM_ISTYLE (defaults to: Bold Blue)
  • TLDR_COMMAND_ISTYLE (defaults to: Bold Cyan)
  • TLDR_FILE_ISTYLE (defaults to: Bold Magenta)

Color/BG (Newline and Space also allowed) for error and info messages

  • TLDR_ERROR_COLOR (defaults to: Newline Space Red)
  • TLDR_INFO_COLOR (defaults to: Newline Space Green)

How many days before freshly downloading a potentially stale page

  • TLDR_EXPIRY (defaults to: 60)

Alternative location of pages cache

  • TLDR_CACHE (not set by default)

Instead of less, use cat for output (automatic if less not available)

  • TLDR_LESS (not set by default; if set to 0 cat will be used)

tldr list screenshot


When the following lines are added to ~/.bashrc or run in the current session, then tldr will autocomplete, which means possible tldr page names will be suggested when tapping the Tab key twice on an incomplete tldr page name:

cachedir=~/.local/share/tldr # Or whatever else the location of the tldr cache is
complete -W "$(q=($cachedir/*/*); sed 's@\.md @ @g' <<<${q[@]##*/})" tldr

tldr new markdown screenshot


  • version 0.11

Linter for new syntax tldr source files

Usage: tldr-lint [-h|--help] [-V|--version] [-q|--quiet] [<dir>] [<file>]
          - All *.md files under <dir> and subdirectories are checked
          - <file> is checked regardless of extension
          -q, --quiet:    No output means check is OK
          -V, --version:  Display version
          -h, --help:     Display this help text

tldr markdown screenshot


coreutils, sed, grep, find


Please file an issue for a question, a bug or a feature request. Or even better, send a pull request!

tldr-bash-client github page


Original tldr client in bash by Ray Lee (MIT license)

The tldr-bash-client is relicensed under GPLv3+ and tldr-lint is GPLv3+ as well.