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control-monad-exception: explicitly Typed exceptions as a library
You can obtain this package from Hackage. If you have cabal-install you can simply type:
cabal install control-monad-exception
to install it.
Haddock documentation available at Hackage or GitHub.
Code examples available at
There is a paper explaining the ideas behind this library:
Explicitly typed exceptions for Haskell(PDF). Jose Iborra, PADL'10.
0.10.1 - update to failure-0.2.0 (thanks to Bas van Dijk)
0.10.0 - Trim dependencies down by user request
0.9.1 - Update to mtl-2
0.9.0 - Update to failure 0.1.0 and transformers 2 - Inconsistencies in the documentation and the API fixed thanks to Marc Weber - Remove outdated documentation sections,
- Purge several warnings,
- Fix a bug in the Failure instance for EMT - Include in the Failure category
0.8.0 - Update to the Second installment of the failure framework
The source code for this library is available on GitHub and you can clone the project with Git by running:
$ git clone git://
You can also create or vote on issues or fork this project. I will be happy to merge patches fixing issues or extending the library.
Pepe Iborra (
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