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A class for monads which can keep a stack trace
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monadloc is a Haskell package that defines a class for monads which can keep a monadic call trace. for more information.

A preprocessor is available (see the package monadloc-pp) which inserts calls to Control.Monad.Loc.withLoc before every monadic statement in a module. To invoke the preprocessor, add the pragma OPTIONS_GHC -F -pgmF MonadLoc at the top of your Haskell files together with an import for the Control.Monad.Loc module


0.7 - Extracted Template Haskell macro to separate module to allow Control.Monad.Loc to be Safe. (thanks to Deian Stefan)

0.6 - Extracted the preprocessor to a separate package monadloc-pp to minimize the set of dependencies.

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