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Shower HTML presentation engine
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Shower HTML presentation engine

Follow @shower_me for support and updates

To see Shower in action:

  • Open
  • Click any slide to enter presentation mode
  • Use arrow keys or presenter remote to navigate
  • Press Esc to exit presentation mode

See Wiki for more information how to use Shower.

Using Shower

There are two ways of making presentation using Shower: you can just download an archive with all you need or you can install needed Shower modules using npm or bower.

Simple Way

In a simple way you just download the latest Shower version with built-in themes and use it.

  1. Download and unarchive
  2. Open index.html in any code or text editor, edit your slides in HTML
  3. Use pictures folder for pictures used in presentation
  4. Once finished, open index.html in a browser, enter full screen and start presenting

Advanced Way

Advanced way allows you to manually install needed Shower packages and requires Node.js installed together with package managment system: npm or bower.

  1. Run npm install shower-core shower-ribbon
  2. Link core and theme files in node_modules folder to your presentation file
  3. You’re probably know what to do next, it’s an advanced way.

Note: you can use bower instead of npm or shower-bright instead of shower-ribbon in command above to install Shower using Bower or get Bright theme.

Usage examples

Browser support

Latest stable versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari are supported.


You’re always welcome to contibute. Fork project, make changes and send it as pull request. But it’s better to file an issue with your idea first. Read contributing rules for more details.

Main contributors: pepelsbey, jahson, miripiruni, kizu, artpolikarpov, tonyganch.

Licensed under MIT License, see license page for details.

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