Emojize is a Java library to convert keyboard emojis to chearsheet emojis
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❤️ Emojize Java ❤️

Emojize is a Java library to convert keyboard emojis to cheatsheet emojis

Emojize Java

A class that turns iOSStyle icons to Emoji Cheat Sheet codes and viceversa


  • EmojiEditText: EditText subclass that allows you to convert Android icons into iOS Style emoticons
  • EmojiTextView: TextView subclass that convert icons into iOS style icons Both above works with icons in the following format [1fa6b] [1f3ba] ... ( Not in unicode )
  • emojiParser: This class convert the previous format into EmojiCheatSheet one

Getting Started

Wherever you want to use Emojis set the textView or editText of type EmojiEditText or EmojiTextView

Get the String with emojis converted in chear sheet format

String emojiString = emojiParser.emojiText(emojitextview.getText())

Set the text with emojis in chear sheet format into iOS Style format



public static String emojiText(String text){}
public static String demojizedText(String text){}