Python library using the Futhark C backend via CFFI
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Python library using the Futhark C backend via CFFI

Futhark provides several compilers, futhark-opencl which is a C backend, and futhark-pyopencl which is a Python backend based on PyOpenCL. However, the host-side code of the Python backend is quite slow, leading to a lot of overhead when small, frequent kernels are used.

A solution to reduce this overhead is to use CFFI to used the C backend from Python, greatly reducing the calling overhead. The OpenCL code is the same, so this is not interesting for long-running kernels.

This library supports both futhark-opencl and futhark-c. Futhark arrays are mapped to and from Numpy arrays. Multiple outputs and multi-dimensional arrays are supported.


Install Futhark, then simply

pip install futhark-ffi


Generate a C library, and build a Python binding for it

futhark-opencl --library test.fut
build_futhark_ffi test

Use the Python wrapper

import numpy as np
import _test
from futhark_ffi import Futhark

test = Futhark(_test)
res = test.test3(np.arange(10))