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A Java trie (prefix tree)
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jTrie - a Trie (data structure) in Java

A simple implementation of a character trie in Java. This was pulled out from a larger project that was using it, and it's not actively developed any longer. Hopefully it's an inspiration for someone else!

From the docs:

TrieNode is a hash-based node for the Trie data structure. There is no limit on the number of children, but no data is actually stored in the node itself

  • only its key may be used to determine its value. There is also no record of the parent node, so backtracking is not possible in the current implementation.

The trie uses compressed tail storage to optimize both memory usage and lookup performance.


The project is set up as a Maven2 repository, so after installing Maven2, building the project is as simple as:

$ mvn compile


Once Maven2 is installed, run the test suite like so:

$ mvn test
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