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The Pepper Project

toward practical verifiable computation

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  1. pequin pequin Public

    A system for verifying outsourced computations, and applying SNARKs. Simplified release of the main Pepper codebase.

    C 121 46

  2. pepper pepper Public

    A system for verifying outsourced computations. This repo always contains the latest release of the Pepper system.

    C 59 16

  3. tinyram tinyram Public

    An independent reimplementation of (vn)TinyRAM

    Python 35 6

  4. zebra zebra Public

    An implementation of Verifiable ASICs (Oakland16), a.k.a. Zebra

    C++ 5 5

  5. giraffe giraffe Public

    An implementation of "Full accounting for verifiable outsourcing" (CCS17)

    SystemVerilog 5 3

  6. releases releases Public

    This repository contains snapshots of the Pepper system at the time of each publication.

    3 1


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