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progitSync -- Synchronizing the translation with the original

Project for synchronizing and for improvement of the translations of Scott Chacon's "Pro Git". The Git repository with the sources of the book is available at

The implementation language of the scripts is Python 3.


The main goal is to help human translators to keep their translation in sync with the changes of the English original.

This is rather new project. Contact me if you have any suggestions.


The project is actually a by-product of the older one (progitCZ; still present in the earlier commits of the Git repository). Originally, it was the tool to convert the Czech translation was published in CZ.NIC Edition of the CZ.NIC association (see -- switch to English/Czech at the top of the page). The book is available both as printed book and the free PDF document at (

The original goals of the progitCZ were:

  1. The first goal was to convert the translation in the PDF form back to the markdown syntax used by Scott Chacon. This goal should enable the synchronization of the newer parts of original with the translation. The first conversion were finished 3rd November 2012.

  2. The second goal was to replace the partial Czech translation at at the time. The idea was to make the translation widely available on-line at the very prominent and well known site -- the source of Git. The repository is available as multilingual project at The Czech update was published here in 12th November 2012.

  3. The third (long term) project was to make the translation easily synchronized and updated--based on the changes in the original--alive and widely available to the Czech users. The GitHub Issues tool can be used for collecting suggestions.