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Lane detection for autonomous navigation using opencv library, done as a part of Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree Program
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#Finding Lane Lines on the Road Udacity - Self-Driving Car NanoDegree

Combined Image


When we drive, we use our eyes to decide where to go. The lines on the road that show us where the lanes are act as our constant reference for where to steer the vehicle. Naturally, one of the first things we would like to do in developing a self-driving car is to automatically detect lane lines using an algorithm.

In this project you will detect lane lines in images using Python and OpenCV. OpenCV means "Open-Source Computer Vision", which is a package that has many useful tools for analyzing images.

Project Approach and Results

The Project Setup

Step 1: Set up the CarND Term1 Starter Kit.

Step 2: Open the code in a Jupyter Notebook

To start Jupyter in your browser, use terminal to navigate to your project directory and then run the following command at the terminal prompt (be sure you've activated your Python 3 carnd-term1 environment as described in the CarND Term1 Starter Kit installation instructions!):

> jupyter notebook

A browser window will appear showing the contents of the current directory. Click on the file called "Lane-Finding-Project.ipynb". Another browser window will appear displaying the notebook. Follow the instructions in the notebook to run the project.

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