GWT wrapper for Chart.js
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Charba - GWT wrapper for CHART.JS

Version 1.7

What's Charba

Google Web toolkit doesn't have charting library available out of the box.

There are some open source charting libraries for GWT available to be used but with some constraints or unclear items:

  • internet connection needed
  • open source license not completely clear, sometimes with some obligations like to add specific labels
  • old packages not longer maintained

For all these reasons, Charba has been developed, leveraging on Chart.JS capabilities which are now available to GWT developers.


To build Charba, you can check out the project and to run Ant build.xml.

It creates a charba-[version.release].jar file into dist folder, ready to be included into your project.


Currently Charba is available on MVN repository.

It will be available also on GitHub release.

If you are using Apache Maven:


If you are using Apache Ivy:

<dependency org="org.pepstock" name="charba" rev="1.7"/>

If you are using Gradle:

compile group: 'org.pepstock', name: 'charba', version: '1.7'

To install in your GWT project, you must the following configuration into your GWT project module configuration:

    <inherits name="org.pepstock.charba.Charba"/>


All Charba documentation will be maintained into GitHub wiki of Charba project.


See Charba showcase to have a look what you can do with it.

See also Charba showcase source code on GitHub as starting point.

The samples are going to reflect what CHART.JS samples are showing here.


Charba is available under the Apache 2.0 license.