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Steam overpay bot

dependencies npm steam paypal

Steam bot that accepts all types of trades that are being overpaid. (Not just CS:GO) This script is not fully tested so use with caution, like with any open-source script I suggest looking through the code first to see how it works.


cd <directory of files>
npm i

To start the bot you have two choices.

  • node bot.js - This means the script will run until you close the terminal or CTRL + C which exits the script.
  • pm2 start bot.js -n "SteamOverpay" - This will keep the script running forever, when an error occurs it will restart it.

To use the pm2 method install it first npm i -g pm2


All of the options that are configurable are in config.js - all of the options are commented. The trade messages, except the success message, are available and editable in resources/TradeMessages.js.



  • If you're reporting a bug, please include all relevant details.

    • A descriptive title helps for one. Titles of just "Error" or "It doesn't work" really don't help.
    • Please describe what you're trying to do, what actually happens, and what you can do to reproduce the problem.
    • If you have an error message or a crash, please include the full text of the error message and the stack trace.
    • Include the relevant snippet of your code. Wrap it in ```js /* code */ ``` and GitHub [will format it nicely for you]
  • If you're requesting a feature, please be descriptive and understanding.

    • A good title makes a difference. Please briefly describe what you're requesting in the title.
    • Be descriptive in the issue body, too. Say what you want to do, and ideally what the method should be named.
    • Be understanding if I don't think that your feature request falls within the scope of this module.

Pull requests

  • Please follow the existing code style. I have included .eslintrc.json file with this package, follow the rules.
  • Please include a brief description of your change in the pull request if it's not immediately apparent from the code.
  • Be understanding if I don't think that your change falls within the scope of this module.


Steam bot that accepts all types of trades that are being overpaid. (Not just CS:GO)







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