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@@ -88,6 +88,20 @@ special identifier objects instead of just symbols when combined with
hygienic macros. Usage of the other forms of macros is strongly
+# Development
+If you want to contribute to Black Hole, either with small bugfix
+patches or bigger things, feel free to do so! For bigger things, it's
+good to keep in touch with me at per dot eckerdal at gmail dot com, to
+make sure that we're on the same page.
+I prefer getting patches through GitHub pull requests.
+To actually work on the Black Hole code base, I strongly recommend
+using the script `src/deventry.scm` instead of compiling the `bh`
+binary over and over again. That file has instructions on how to use
# More information / Contact
Please drop me a line at *per dot eckerdal at gmail dot com* or use
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+;; This is a script that I use when I am working on the Black Hole
+;; code base: Compiling the bh executable takes *loong* time, plus
+;; it's much nicer to debug interpreted code. This is a way to open up
+;; a Black Hole REPL with the Black Hole code interpreted.
+;; It is also possible to use this script to run Black Hole in
+;; compiled mode, simply by compiling this file with `gsc deventry`
+;; To actually use it:
+;; 1. Put a symlink named bsc in your path that points to the gsc
+;; binary
+;; 2. Set the BLACKHOLE_PATH environment variable to where your Black
+;; Hole directory is.
+;; 3. Add the following code to ~/.gambcini:
+;; (let ((blackhole-path (getenv "BLACKHOLE_PATH")))
+;; (and (equal? (path-strip-directory (car (command-line))) "bsc")
+;; (load (path-expand "src/deventry" blackhole-path))
+;; (begin
+;; (println "Loaded Black Hole."))))
+;; 4. Fire up the Black Hole REPL with the terminal command `bsc`
+(##include "blackhole.scm")

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