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@benpicco benpicco add install instructions b086ad4
@stefano-k stefano-k Updated Building (markdown) 0d3a686
@perberos perberos Updated How to (markdown) 144eeb0
@perberos perberos Created Deprecatedcodehowtoenglish (markdown) 4c6d7d7
@perberos perberos Updated Deprecated code (markdown) dfcd8e6
@perberos perberos Updated Deprecated code (markdown) 32a408f
@perberos perberos Updated Migrating (markdown) e36fea9
@perberos perberos now MATE is compatible with nautilus scripts 5c80b18
@stefano-k stefano-k Updated Home (markdown) 9df3f6a
@stefano-k stefano-k the first package to build is mate-common (all other packages requires 6eb4cbc
@samtygier samtygier add fedora build deps 998d62e
@stefano-k stefano-k Updated Download (markdown => asciidoc) b9808af
@stefano-k stefano-k Updated Download (asciidoc => markdown) fd08c8a
compman775 Attempted translation of Spanish to English 671e115
@perberos perberos Updated Gtk themes (asciidoc) 8b602a3
@perberos perberos Updated Migrating (markdown) 6993c26
@perberos perberos Updated Migrating (markdown) fbed675
@perberos perberos Updated Migrating (markdown) 1019f37
@stefano-k stefano-k Updated Download (asciidoc) 72e1935
@stefano-k stefano-k added wheezy in debian 020740a
@stefano-k stefano-k Updated Download (asciidoc) 3f522a0
@stefano-k stefano-k mate-settings-daemon requires mate-polkit bee6ffd
@stefano-k stefano-k updated info for debian, ubuntu, mint 3212ff2
@perberos perberos Updated Mate menus (markdown) f52028b
@perberos perberos Updated Migrating (markdown) 5ec6761
@perberos perberos Updated Code style (markdown) b6dc63f
@perberos perberos Created Next step (markdown) b54cdd4
@perberos perberos Updated Home (markdown) 59efd01
@perberos perberos Updated Home (markdown) 1a442a0
@perberos perberos Updated Mate polkit (markdown) 3e652d9
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