Dump your EC2 Security Groups as a CSV or JSON file
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Circle CI

Dump your EC2 Security Groups as a CSV or JSON file.

Makes it possible to maintain your firewall rules in git.

Quick Start

$ ec2-security-groups-dumper --help

Dumps the EC2 firewall rules as a json or csv output. Redirect the output to a
file to dump it to this file.
Useful to keep track of the firewall changes in git.
Can also be used as a backup in case you lose some rules on EC2.

    ec2-security-groups-dumper --json [--region=<region>] [--profile=<profile>] [--vpc=<vpc>]
    ec2-security-groups-dumper --csv [--region=<region>] [--profile=<profile>] [--vpc=<vpc>]
    ec2-security-groups-dumper (-h | --help)

  -h --help     Show this screen.

    ec2-security-groups-dumper --csv > path/to/ec2-security-groups.csv
    ec2-security-groups-dumper --json > path/to/your-firewall-backup.json


pip install ec2-security-groups-dumper

See Also

  • IAMer to dump your IAM rules as INI and JSON text files.