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Ground Control

Ground control is an experimental blogging platform, built in Meteor. See an example of it in action at http://groundcontrol.meteor.com.


Ground Control is a vanilla meteor app. To install it, simply download meteor, then download Ground Control.


Customization is fairly limited at this point. Edit lib/configuration.js and server/configuration.js and set the configuration variables there.


Simply run meteor.

Creating the initial user

When you first browse to your Ground Control install, you'll be prompted to configure the google oauth provider, and sign in with a google account, or use an email address / password account.

Creating Posts

Later, you (or others) can login to Ground Control at /admin. Admin account signup is limited to two options:

  • email address matching a domain set via the admin control panel.
  • email addresses invited via the admin control panel.

Further customization

To do any meaningful customization, fork this repository and have fun! For example, take a look at the percolate branch for an example of the changes made for the Percolate Studio Blog.

Pull Requests will be appreciated!

Coming soon

Ground Control is always a work in progress. Expect to see things like:

  1. Real time viewing stats
  2. Theming / pages support
  3. Commenting support

Feel free to make any contributions that you like!


MIT. (c) Percolate Studio, maintained by Tom Coleman (@tmeasday).