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Grafana dashboards for efficient database monitoring

The list of featured dashboards:

  • Advanced Data Exploration
  • CPU Utilization Details
  • Disk Details
  • HAProxy Instance Summary
  • Home Dashboard
  • Memory Details
  • MongoDB Cluster Summary
  • MongoDB InMemory Details
  • MongoDB Instance Summary
  • MongoDB Instances Compare
  • MongoDB Instances Overview
  • MongoDB MMAPv1 Details
  • MongoDB ReplSet Summary
  • MongoDB WiredTiger Details
  • MySQL Amazon Aurora Details
  • MySQL Command Handler Counters Compare
  • MySQL Group Replication Summary
  • MySQL InnoDB Compression Details
  • MySQL InnoDB Details
  • MySQL Instance Summary
  • MySQL Instances Compare
  • MySQL Instances Overview
  • MySQL MyISAM Aria Details
  • MySQL MyRocks Details
  • MySQL Performance Schema Details
  • MySQL Query Response Time Details
  • MySQL Replication Summary
  • MySQL Table Details
  • MySQL TokuDB Details
  • MySQL User Details
  • MySQL Wait Event Analyses Details
  • NUMA Details
  • Network Details
  • Node Summary
  • Node Temperature Details
  • Nodes Compare
  • Nodes Overview
  • PXC Galera Cluster Summary
  • PXC Galera Node Summary
  • PXC Galera Nodes Compare
  • PostgreSQL Instance Summary
  • PostgreSQL Instances Compare
  • PostgreSQL Instances Overview
  • Processes Details
  • Prometheus Exporter Status
  • Prometheus Exporters Overview
  • ProxySQL Instance Summary
  • VictoriaMetrics
  • VictoriaMetrics Agents Overview

These dashboards are part of Percona Monitoring and Management.

See a live demonstration at

Reusing dashboards outside of PMM

Dashboards can be converted to be used on a dedicated prometheus instance.


  • misc/ dashboards/Disk_Details.json

AWS Setup page

Plase see the relevant


We welcome contributions to this repository! Detailed information in

Submitting Bug Reports

If you find a bug in Percona Grafana Dashboards or one of the related projects, you can submit a bug report to that project's JIRA issue tracker.

Your first step should be to search the existing set of open tickets for a similar report. If you find that someone else has already reported your problem, then you can upvote that report to increase its visibility.

If there is no existing report, submit a report following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Percona JIRA. You will need to create an account if you do not have one.
  2. Go to the Create Issue screen and select the relevant project.
  3. Fill in the fields of Summary, Description, Steps To Reproduce, and Affects Version to the best you can. If the bug corresponds to a crash, attach the stack trace from the logs.

An excellent resource is Elika Etemad's article on filing good bug reports..

As a general rule of thumb, please try to create bug reports that are:

  • Reproducible. Include steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Specific. Include as much detail as possible: which version, what environment, etc.
  • Unique. Do not duplicate existing tickets.
  • Scoped to a Single Bug. One bug per report.