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MongoDB exporter

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This is the new MongoDB exporter implementation that handles ALL metrics exposed by MongoDB monitoring commands. This new implementation loops over all the fields exposed in diagnostic commands and tries to get data from them.

Currently, these metric sources are implemented:

  • $collStats
  • $indexStats
  • getDiagnosticData
  • replSetGetStatus
  • serverStatus

Info on Percona MongoDB exporter versions

The old 0.1x.y version (ex master branch) has been moved to the release-0.1x branch.

A flag, --compatible-mode, which exposes metrics with 0.1x compatible metric names has been implemented which simplifies migration from the old version to the current version.

Build the exporter

The build process uses the dockerized version of goreleaser so you don't need to install Go. Just run make release and the new binaries will be generated under the build directory.

├── build
│ ├── config.yaml
│ ├── mongodb_exporter_7c73946_checksums.txt
│ ├── mongodb_exporter-7c73946.darwin-amd64.tar.gz
│ ├── mongodb_exporter-7c73946.linux-amd64.tar.gz
│ ├── mongodb_exporter_darwin_amd64
│ │ └── mongodb_exporter <--- MacOS binary
│ └── mongodb_exporter_linux_amd64
│ └── mongodb_exporter <--- Linux binary

Running the exporter

If you built the exporter using the method mentioned in the previous section, the generated binaries are in mongodb_exporter_linux_amd64/mongodb_exporter or mongodb_exporter_darwin_amd64/mongodb_exporter


A docker image is available on the official percona repository.

# with podman
podman run -d -p 9216:9216 -p 17001:17001 percona/mongodb_exporter:0.20 --mongodb.uri=mongodb://

# with docker
docker run -d -p 9216:9216 -p 17001:17001 percona/mongodb_exporter:0.20 --mongodb.uri=mongodb://


Connecting user should have sufficient rights to query needed stats:


More info about roles in MongoDB documentation.


mongodb_exporter_linux_amd64/mongodb_exporter --mongodb.uri=mongodb://

Enabling collstats metrics gathering

--mongodb.collstats-colls receives a list of databases and collections to monitor using collstats. Usage example: --mongodb.collstats-colls=database1.collection1,database2.collection2

mongodb_exporter_linux_amd64/mongodb_exporter --mongodb.uri=mongodb:// --mongodb.collstats-colls=db1.c1,db2.c2

Enabling compatibility mode.

When compatibility mode is enabled by the --compatible-mode, the exporter will expose all new metrics with the new naming and labeling schema and at the same time will expose metrics in the version 1 compatible way. For example, if compatibility mode is enabled, the metric mongodb_ss_wt_log_log_bytes_written (new format)

# HELP mongodb_ss_wt_log_log_bytes_written serverStatus.wiredTiger.log.
# TYPE mongodb_ss_wt_log_log_bytes_written untyped
mongodb_ss_wt_log_log_bytes_written 2.6208e+06

will be also exposed as mongodb_mongod_wiredtiger_log_bytes_total with the unwritten label.

HELP mongodb_mongod_wiredtiger_log_bytes_total mongodb_mongod_wiredtiger_log_bytes_total
# TYPE mongodb_mongod_wiredtiger_log_bytes_total untyped
mongodb_mongod_wiredtiger_log_bytes_total{type="unwritten"} 2.6208e+06

Cluster role labels

The exporter sets some topology labels in all metrics. The labels are:

  • cl_role: Cluster role according to this table:
Server type Label
mongos mongos
regular instance (primary or secondary) shardsvr
arbiter shardsvr
standalone (empty string)
  • cl_id: Cluster ID
  • rs_nm: Replicaset name
  • rs_state: Replicaset state is an integer from getDiagnosticData() -> replSetGetStatus.myState. Check the official documentation for details on replicaset status values.

Usage Reference

See the Reference Guide for details on using the exporter.

Bug Reports / Feature PR

Refer to the Contribution Guide.