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APIs, methods and configuration fields are likely to change in the near future!

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4da60d3 0.1.0 (#147)
21688f1 0.1.0 (#148)
74a39df Add gosec make step to test for security issues (#155)
1de4d7c Add image to README showing MongoDB replica set
6e4d293 Added S3 backup support
d669e90 CLI --help/flags cleanup #2 (#154)
1278dbc Disable gorelease docker build until its required, it is causing an error
4c3f277 Fix TestListAgents failures
72e7d0e Fix authenticationRestrictions problem with testing #2 (#169)
4a16586 Fix authenticationRestrictions problem with testing (#168)
020798d Fix gofmt suggestions (
2f1ef11 Fix ineffassign suggestions ( (#164)
8cd089b Fix mispellings (#163)
fc17c81 Fix tests + golint problems (#165)
4a546c4 Fix unit test failures in pbmctl (#158)
f1ee7ce Fix wrong backupDir var, add ca-certs to alpine images to fix x509 CA cert error for s3
c0b6a18 Goreleaser ldflags and arch fix (#149)
813b496 Goreleaser ldflags and arch fix2 (#150)
834848e Gosec v1 (#157)
46aa6d1 Makefile
834d0a8 Merge branch 'master' of
752843d Merge branch 'master' of
afa3258 Merge branch 's3-testing' of into s3-testing
7e49a34 Merge pull request #152 from percona/s3-testing
d4b3ad7 Merge pull request #170 from borys-belinsky/doc-readme-add-image
b903590 New backup writer
2176ab5 PBM-104+117: Support gRPC message compression + CLI --help tweaks (#151)
bb623d2 fix createUser example typo (#160)
f9cbc34 update v0 (#159)
3a797b2 S3 fixes
f25cd3f Update .gitignore for 'make' and upx tmpfiles (#153)
7b1e782 Update pbm-agent flags (#167)
1c4b897 Updated dependencies
77118d4 Updated dir/bucket exists func
9988ba0 Use filepath.Clean() to sanitize filenames (to resolve gosec error) (#156)
4cbd554 add cla badge to readme. (#146)
165f2c5 go_vet fixes ( (#162)
e7926ca merge