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Percona TokuDB is a high-performance, write optimized, compressing, transactional storage engine for Percona Server. Issue tracker: Wiki: Downloads:
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TokuDB is a high-performance, write optimized, transactional storage engine for Percona Server and MySQL. For more details, see our product page.

This repository contains the MySQL plugin that uses the PerconaFT core.



Before you start, make sure you have a C++11-compatible compiler (GCC >= 4.7 is recommended), as well as CMake >=2.8.8, and the libraries and header files for valgrind,zlib, and Berkeley DB. We are using the gcc 4.7 in devtoolset-1.1.

On CentOS, yum install valgrind-devel zlib-devel libdb-devel

On Ubuntu, apt-get install valgrind zlib1g-dev libdb-dev

You can set the compiler by passing --cc and --cxx to the script, to select one that's new enough. The default is scripts/make.mysql.bash --cc=gcc47 --cxx=g++47, which may not exist on your system.

We use gcc from devtoolset-1.1 on CentOS 5.9 for builds.

To build a complete set of Percona Server and TokuDB, follow the instructions at build a debug environment.


Please report TokuDB bugs to the issue tracker.

We have two publicly accessible mailing lists:

All source code and test contributions must be provided under a BSD 2-Clause license. For any small change set, the license text may be contained within the commit comment and the pull request. For larger contributions, the license must be presented in a COPYING.<feature_name> file in the root of the tokudb-engine project. Please see the BSD 2-Clause license template for the content of the license text.


TokuDB is available under the GPL version 2 and AGPL version 3. See [COPYING][copying]

PerconaFT is a part of TokuDB and is available under the GPL version 2, and AGPL version 3, with slight modifications. See COPYING.AGPLv3, COPYING.GPLv2, and PATENTS.

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