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Percona TokuDB is a high-performance, write optimized, compressing, transactional storage engine for Percona Server. Issue tracker: Wiki: Downloads:
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TokuDB is a high-performance, transactional storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB. For more details, see our product page.

This repository contains the MySQL plugin that uses the TokuKV core.

There are also patches to the MySQL and MariaDB kernels, available in our forks of mysql and mariadb.


The scripts/ directory contains a script that can be used to build a working MySQL or MariaDB with Tokutek patches, and with the TokuDB storage engine, called make.mysql.bash. This script will download copies of the needed source code from github and build everything.

To build MySQL with TokuDB 7.0.0:

scripts/make.mysql.bash --git_tag=tokudb-7.0.0

To build MariaDB with TokuDB 7.0.0:

scripts/make.mysql.bash --git_tag=tokudb-7.0.0 --mysql=mariadb-5.5.30

Before you start, make sure you have a C++11-compatible compiler (GCC >= 4.7 is recommended) and the libraries and header files for valgrind, zlib, and Berkeley DB. On Centos, yum install valgrind-devel zlib-devel libdb-devel, on Ubuntu, apt-get install valgrind zlib1g-dev libdb-dev. If your default compiler is not new enough, you can pass a different one: scripts/make.mysql.bash --cc=gcc47 --cxx=g++47.


Please report bugs in TokuDB here on github.

We have two publicly accessible mailing lists:

We are also available on IRC on, in the #tokutek channel.


TokuDB is available under the GPL version 2. See COPYING

The TokuKV component of TokuDB is available under the GPL version 2, with slight modifications. See README-TOKUDB.

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