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Content Rest Service

Provides a restful interface for import content into the CMS through import templates that are defined in Velocity Templates.

This version has been updated for the 7.3.2 [732_20180928] Patch level.

Installation ` Download the release version and unzip it on the Percussion Server.

Run the Install.bat or script from a command prompt while the Percussion Service is in a stopped state.

Windows Example (Percussion is installed in the C:\Rhythmyx folder):

c:\downloads\psotoolkit\Install.bat C:\Rhythmyx

Linux Example: Percussion is installed in the /opt/Percussion folder.

$ ./ /opt/Percussion

Contributing The project is configured with Apache Maven and currently requires maven 3 or greater.

After cloning the project.

mvn clean install

Will build the distribution zip and execute tests. To skip tests, pass the -DskipTests=true parameter.

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