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Percussion Software

The PSODemandPublishing extension allows for a better publish now than what 6.1 provides. The original publish now blocked when you a user used it. This version of publish now will not block and will queue multiple publish now request for the same edition. This package provides a workflow action, a custom content list generator and the demand publishing service. You can replace the custom content list generator with your own but it should use the demand service to get the items that were selected for publishing now.

If you would like a menu action for publish now you will have to write a JSP that calls the demand publishing service (An example one will be added to the archive eventually).

For a better working example of demand publishing with more detailed instructions see MLBPublishNow in the PSO source control repository (http://foo/svn/psolib/customers/MLB/PublishNow/).

== Workflow Action Config ==

The config file is here RHYTHMYX_HOME/rxconfig/Workflow/demandpublish.xml.

The workflow action reads in a configuration file that maps workflow,transition,community,contenttype to a specific edition to be executed.

The configuration file has the following format, it is an xml file:

3 310 5 320 3 5 330 3 5 40 340 3 5 40 300 350

The best matching rule is picked when the workflow is executed.

== Installation ==

  1. Unzip
  2. Edit PSODemandPublishing/spring
    • Update the user/password for your cms publishing user.
  3. Change directory to PSODemandPublishing
  4. Run: ant -f deploy.xml install
  5. If you plan on using the workflow action create or edit the file:
    • RHYTHMYX_HOME/rxconfig/Workflow/demandpublish.xml
    • The schema is documented in the source and is very simple.
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