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Percussion CMS

This is the main project for Percussion CMS - the next version of Percussion CM1 and Rhythmyx.

Java CI with Maven

What is Percussion CMS?

Percussion CMS is the next generation of Percussion Software's proprietary Rhythmyx and CM1 content management products. The original headless CMS (1999), Percussion CMS has a long history of de-coupled deployments wth easily extensible integration points for delivering content in different formats to different channels.

Our goal is to empower the developer and the marketer. Smart architecture, smart API's, smart UI.

What can I do with it?

  • Create and manage one or more web sites - small or large.
  • Re-purpose Website content to database or XML channels.
  • Generate static Web site
  • Control content editorial through Workflows and Permissions.

How do I get it?

Download links are available on the project Releases page

Commercial Providers

  • Percussion will offer commercial support for Percussion CMS through June 2023.
  • Intersoft Data Labs will offer commercial support for Percussion CMS starting in July 2023.

I was a Percussion customer, is this where I download updates?

Yes. The latest release will be featured in the Releases page on this GitHub project. For Technical Support please see the Intersoft support portal. The documentation can be found on and the old Percussion community has beene re-homed to

Interested in Contributing?

Check out our Contributor Page for more information.