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/* This script creates all the views on top of the Rails database tables. */
/* --user=rails_user */
use mlcomp_development;
/* List of runs whose core programs are not helpers. */
drop view if exists non_helper_runs;
create view non_helper_runs as select, runs.error, runs.core_dataset_id, runs.updated_at from runs inner join programs on runs.core_program_id = where programs.is_helper is null or programs.is_helper = false;
/* TODO: create more composite indices - move into rails migrations */
-- alter table programs drop index idx_helper;
create index idx_helper on programs (is_helper, id);
/* For each dataset, look at non-helper runs (those whose core programs are not helpers) on that dataset;
count them and sort them by updated time.
Warning: when min_error is null, best_core_program_id could still be something */
drop view if exists pre_dataset_vresults;
drop view if exists dataset_vresults;
create view pre_dataset_vresults as select dataset_id, count( num_runs, max( last_run_id, min(runs.error) min_error from datasets left outer join non_helper_runs as runs on = runs.core_dataset_id group by order by runs.updated_at desc;
/* Now for each dataset, choose the program (if any) that achieves the minimum error. */
create view dataset_vresults as select pre_dataset_vresults.*, best_run_id, runs.core_program_id best_core_program_id from pre_dataset_vresults left outer join runs on runs.core_dataset_id = dataset_id where runs.error = min_error or min_error is null group by dataset_id;
/* For each program, keep track of the number of runs. */
drop view if exists program_vresults;
create view program_vresults as select program_id, count( num_runs, last_run_id from programs left outer join runs on = runs.core_program_id group by order by runs.updated_at desc;
/* For each user, keep track of time spent running his jobs (both in total and recently) */
drop view if exists user_vresults;
create view user_vresults as select user_id, count( num_runs, sum(run_statuses.real_time) total_spent_time, sum(run_statuses.real_time * (run_statuses.updated_at > now() - 5*60*60)) recent_spent_time from users inner join (runs inner join run_statuses on = run_statuses.run_id) on = runs.user_id group by;