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;;; -------------------------------------------------------------- ;;;
;;; ;;;
;;; Module reference data structure ;;;
;;; ;;;
;;; -------------------------------------------------------------- ;;;
;; A module reference object consists of the loader and the module path
(define-type module-reference
id: 48AC4955-EC9E-466F-B8EF-B7F0B9BBC63D
constructor: make-module-reference/internal
;; The loader object
(loader read-only:)
;; The absolute module path. It must be a hashable object.
(path read-only:))
(define (make-module-reference loader path)
(if (not (loader? loader))
(error "Invalid parameters"))
(make-module-reference/internal loader path))
(define (module-reference<? a b)
(if (not (and (module-reference-absolute? a)
(module-reference-absolute? b)))
(error "Module references must be absolute" a b))
(let ((la (module-reference-loader a))
(lb (module-reference-loader b)))
(or (loader<? la lb)
(and (equal? la lb)
;; It's really dirty to assume that module-reference-path
;; is a string...
((loader-path<?-fn la) ;; Since la = lb, it doesn't
;; matter which one we choose
(module-reference-path a)
(module-reference-path b))))))
(define (current-loader)
(let ((cm (current-module-reference)))
(if cm
(module-reference-loader (current-module-reference))
(define (module-reference-absolute? module-reference)
(loader-path-absolute? (module-reference-loader module-reference)
(module-reference-path module-reference)))
(define (module-reference-absolutize module-reference ref)
((module-reference-absolute? module-reference)
((not (equal? (module-reference-loader module-reference)
(module-reference-loader ref)))
(error "Cannot absolutize a relative module reference with \
respect to a module reference with a different module \
loader" module-reference ref))
(module-reference-loader module-reference)
(loader-path-absolutize (module-reference-loader ref)
(module-reference-path module-reference)
(module-reference-path ref))))))
(define module-reference-namespace
(let ((fn
(lambda (mod)
(let ((mod (resolve-one-module mod)))
(if (not (module-reference-absolute? mod))
(error "Module reference must be absolute" mod))
(let ((loader (module-reference-loader mod))
(path (module-reference-path mod)))
(if (eq? loader black-hole-module-loader)
(loader-module-name loader path)
(loader-real-path loader path))))
(lambda (mod)
;; This function might be called with #f as argument
(if mod (fn mod) "~#"))))
(define (module-reference->u8vector ref)
(object->u8vector ref
(lambda (obj)
(if (loader? obj)
(loader->skeleton obj)
(define (u8vector->module-reference vec)
(u8vector->object vec
(lambda (obj)
(if (loader? obj)
(skeleton->loader obj)
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