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;;; TCP/IP utilities.
;;; Copyright (c) 2008 Mikael Möre, 1994-2009 Marc Feeley, All Rights
;;; Reserved.
(import ../string/util)
(define (call-with-tcp-client hostname port-num proc)
(let ((port #f))
(lambda ()
(if port
(error "Cannot re-enter call-with-tcp-client"))
(set! port
(list server-address: hostname
port-number: port-num))))
(lambda ()
(proc port))
(lambda ()
(close-port port)))))
(define (ipv4->u8vector ip)
(let ((v (string-split #\. ip))
(o (make-u8vector 4)))
(if (not (= (length v) 4))
(error "Invalid IPv4 IP number!" ip))
(list->u8vector (map string->number v))))
;;; (More or less extracted from ~~/lib/_io#.scm)
(define (device-port-rdevice-condvar port)
(##vector-ref port 44))
(define (device-port-wdevice-condvar port)
(##vector-ref port 45))
(define (port-rtimeout port)
(##vector-ref port 11))
(define (port-wtimeout port)
(##vector-ref port 15))
(define (port-wait-for-input port)
(device-port-rdevice-condvar port)
(port-rtimeout port)))
(define (port-wait-for-output port)
(device-port-wdevice-condvar port)
(port-wtimeout port)))
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