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;; Copyright (C) 2005-2009 by Guillaume Germain, All Rights Reserved.
;; File: "termite.scm"
;; this is the main file for the Termite system
;; Termite "primordials"
self ! ? ?? !? on make-node spawn pid?
spawn-link remote-spawn remote-spawn-link
;; Useful
make-tag current-node
;; Process linking for error propagation
inbound-link outbound-link full-link
;; Wrap Gambit's I/O
spawn-output-port spawn-input-port
;; Migration
migrate-task migrate/proxy
;; Useful condition reporting/logging procedures
warning debug info
;; Node stuff
node-init node? node-host node-port
;; Nameserver mechanism
;; make-nameserver-node By Per: This doesn't seem to be defined?
;; Publishing and resolving names for services
publish-service unpublish-service resolve-service remote-service
;; default init and node names for convenience
node1 node2
;; *termite-nameserver-port* By Per: This doesn't seem to be defined?
;; Useful
(re-export: uuid
(import termite_core
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Services
;; LINKER (to establish exception-propagation links between processes)
(define linker
(lambda ()
(let loop ()
(('link from to)
((process? from)
(process-links-set! from (cons to (process-links from)))) ;;;;;;;;;;
((upid? from)
(! (remote-service 'linker (upid-node from))
(list 'link from to)))
(warning "in linker-loop: unknown object"))))
(warning "linker ignored message: " msg)))
name: 'termite-linker))
;; Remote spawning
;; the SPAWNER answers remote-spawn request
(define spawner
(lambda ()
(let loop ()
((from tag ('spawn thunk links name))
(! from (list tag (spawn thunk links: links name: name))))
(warning "spawner ignored message: " msg)))
name: 'termite-spawner))
;; the PUBLISHER is used to implement a mutable global env. for
;; process names
(define publisher
(lambda ()
(define dict (make-dict))
(let loop ()
(('publish name pid)
(dict-set! dict name pid))
(('unpublish name pid)
(dict-set! dict name))
((from tag ('resolve name))
(! from (list tag (dict-ref dict name))))
(warning "puslisher ignored message: " msg)))
name: 'termite-publisher))
(define (publish-service name pid)
(! publisher (list 'publish name pid)))
(define (unpublish-service name pid)
(! publisher (list 'unpublish name pid)))
;; This should probably only used internally
(define (resolve-service name #!optional host)
(!? publisher (list 'resolve name)))
;; * Get the pid of a service on a remote node 'node' which has been
;; published with |publish-service| to the name 'service-name'.
(define (remote-service service-name node)
(make-upid service-name node))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Links
;; * Link another process 'pid' /to/ the current one: any exception
;; not being caught by the remote process and making it crash will be
;; propagated to the current process.
(define (inbound-link pid)
(! linker (list 'link pid (self))))
;; * Link bidirectionally the current process with another process
;; 'pid': any exception not being caught in any of the two processes
;; will be propagated to the other one.
(define (full-link pid)
(inbound-link pid)
(outbound-link pid))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Erlang/OTP-like behavior for "generic servers" and "event handlers"
;; (include "otp/gen_server.scm") By Per: Not needed
;; (include "otp/gen_event.scm") By Per: Not needed
;; build a trivial event handler with no state, only invoking a
;; callback on any event
(define (make-simple-event-handler callback initial-state)
(lambda (args)
(lambda (event state)
(callback event state))
(lambda (args state)
(values (void) state))
(lambda (reason state)
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Migration
;; Task moves away, lose identity
(define (migrate-task node)
(lambda (k)
(remote-spawn node (lambda () (k #t)))
;; Task moves away, leave a proxy behind
(define (migrate/proxy node)
(define (proxy pid)
(let loop ()
(! pid (?))
(lambda (k)
(remote-spawn-link node (lambda () (k #t)))))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; A logging facility for Termite
;; (Ideally, this should be included with the services, but the
;; writing style is much different. Eventually, the other services
;; might use similar style.)
(define (report-event event port)
(match event
((type who messages)
(with-output-to-port port
(lambda ()
(display "[")
(display type)
(display "] ")
(display (formatted-current-time))
(display who)
(for-each (lambda (m) (display m) (newline)) messages)
(_ (display "catch-all rule invoked in reporte-event")))
(define file-output-log-handler
;; init
(lambda (args)
(match args
(open-output-file (list path: filename
create: 'maybe
append: #t)))))
;; event
;; call
(lambda (term port)
(values (void) port))
;; shutdown
(lambda (reason port)
(close-output-port port))))
;; 'type' is a keyword (error warning info debug)
(lambda (type message)
(event-manager:notify logger (list type (self) message))))
(define logger
(let ((logger (event-manager:start name: 'termite-logger)))
(event-manager:add-handler logger
(event-manager:add-handler logger
(define ping-server
(lambda ()
(let loop ()
((from tag 'ping)
(! from (list tag 'pong)))
(msg (debug "ping-server ignored message" msg)))
name: 'termite-ping-server))
(define (ping node #!optional (timeout 1.0))
(!? (remote-service 'ping-server node) 'ping timeout 'no-reply))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Initialization
(process-links-set! (self) '())
(define (node-init node)
(start-tcp-server (node-port node) start-messenger)
(set! current-node (lambda () node))
(define (publish-external-services)
;; --------------------
;; Services
;; publishing the accessible exterior services
;; (essentially, opening the node to other nodes)
(publish-service 'spawner spawner)
(publish-service 'linker linker)
(publish-service 'ping-server ping-server))
;; Some convenient definitions
(define node1 (make-node "localhost" 3001))
(define node2 (make-node "localhost" 3002))
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