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###Projet SportNet

Platform to manage sport event.

Table of content


  • PHP 5.5 or newer
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • MYSQl

###Install You can manually install by cloning this repo

$ git clone

Configuration file located in folder config, edit the database.php file.

Create a new Database named sportnet ,

Import sportnet.sql in BDD, in your Database

Run Server php -S localhost:8000 -t public in the root of the project

and go enjoy on SportNet


  • Sign in / Log in as user and organiser
  • Create event and trial as organiser
  • Sign to an trial as user
  • Search event with filters
  • Profil as user and organiser
  • See profil to other organiser and user to see him score
  • Create group of user to sign in all together at a trial
  • Choose to payed now or add in basket to payed later
  • Upload result of all trial from our event as organiser
  • Download participants' list from our event as organiser
  • See result of all trial
  • Update our event as organiser
  • Close trial's sign in of our event as organiser
  • Suggest trials in user profil in relation to him preferred disciplines

###Login user test

To test all features quickly we have include a user and an organiser with some event.

for User : Username : postel@email.user Pass : Postel5u

for Organiser : Username : Pass : Postel5u



This project is under gnu / gpl license for more information see

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