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Chrome extension for filling in passwords on websites
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No longer maintained

This repo and the CPK app are no longer maintained. Consider using instead.


Chrome extension for interacting with KeePass password file. Web Store url is Give it a try!

More info available at

Running or Updating the code locally

If you want to hack on the code...

Tools needed:

  • Node.Js - prerequisite for other dev tools
  • Grunt.js - for less/css processing, packaging, and copying libs to the lib folder
  • Bower - for dependencies (libraries)
  1. Clone the codebase

    git clone cd CKP

  2. Install the dependencies.

    npm install bower install

  3. Copy the dependencies to their lib location.

    grunt updatelib

  4. If you are editing .less files then run grunt watch to compile them when they change.

Installing in chrome

To install the code in Chrome, open More Tools\Extensions, check the Developer mode checkbox. Click Load unpacked extension and browse to the folder where you cloned the code.

You may find the Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool to be helpful when debugging the background page.

Running tests

Open ./tests/services.html in your browser