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Q - Why is it called "perfect" api? Is it supposed to be perfect?

A - No. Its supposed to be simple and easy to use. My aim is to make it perfect in the same way a dolphin jumping out of the water is perfect.

Q - Seriously, the word "perfect" bugs me. Why call it perfect if its not?

A - <sigh>.

Configuration file

Q - Why do I have to create a config file? Other modules (like node-restify) let me just handle the http methods myself.

A - The current purpose of the file is to make it possible to automatically generate a test page. We could not do it without that file. It also gives you other benefits such as the command-line interface. Eventually it will also facilitate documentation, and other things we don't want to talk about yet.

Q - Why invent a new way to represent APIs? Wasn't WADL enough?

A - The format of the file is not important to us, only ease of use.

Installing on Linux

Q - I installed my api as a Linux daemon but the API is not responding. Whats wrong?

A - Check the log for your service in /var/log/yourservicename.log.

Q - I installed my api as a Linux daemon but it is not picking up the environment variables I set. Why?

A - Environment variables are copied at the time of install. Either you executed the install using "sudo" (don't do that because sudo clears your environment variables), or the environment variable was not correct at the time you installed. In both cases, ensure the variable exists for your current user, then uninstall and install again.