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[Finished] glrenderer — Delphi game development framework (OpenGL, Bass, Box2D) for Windows
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###Development closed. Next iteration is tiny-glr###

glr — glrenderer

glrenderer — Delphi 2D game development framework (OpenGL, Bass, Box2D) for Windows platform.

###Showcase### [screenshots will be soon] All screenshots made from demos which are provided with full source code and assets

Delphi 2007 or higher is supported. Delphi 7 is not supported due to operator overloading used in Math unit.


Main + and -

  • No VCL, win32 api — Windows only
  • DLL with interfaces exported
  • OpenGL 1.1+, fixed function pipeline (yes, glBegin/glEnd. It's all about my laziness)
  • Lightweight

Graphics 2D

  • Scene graph
  • Sprites (position, scale, rotation, textures, color tint)
  • Blending
  • Bitmap fonts with runtime generation from .otf and .ttf files
  • Pivot points support including custom position
  • Texture atlas support
  • BMP 24/32, TGA 24/32 support (no PNG, sorry)

Graphics 3D

  • Almost removed


  • Selfmade simple GUI-system with:
  • Buttons and TextButtons
  • Checkboxes
  • Sliders


  • Little wrapper for Bass library

Physics — Box2D

  • "box2d-delphi" project support
  • Wrapper for World class
  • Functions for synchronise render and physic objects
  • Functions for easy physic objects create using render objects
  • Physic scale support (physics is calculated in other units, not pixels)


  • Math unit with vectors, matrices and some other things
  • Tween system
  • Cheetah Texture Atlas support
  • Async input

###Known ussues and facepalms###

  • No documentation and lack of comments in source code
  • Bitmap font generation uses fixed texture size due to laziness
  • Text has not alignment support
  • Particles were under development and located in utils module apart from engine library (in theory it's mean performance troubles, in practice you will have no real troubles with it)
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