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# PerfMark

![PerfMark Hummingbird](perfmark.svg "PerfMark")
![PerfMark Hummingbird](doc/perfmark.png "PerfMark")

PerfMark is a low-overhead, manually-instrumented, tracing library for Java. Users can add the
tracing function calls to their code to see how long each part takes.
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ tracing function calls to their code to see how long each part takes.
* **Dynamically Enabled**: PerfMark can be enabled or disabled at runtime. When disabled,
PerfMark has *zero overhead*, taking advantage of the JIT compiler to remove the tracing.

* **Inter-thread Communication**: Existing profilers have difficultly expressing which thread
* **Inter-thread Communication**: Existing profilers have difficulty expressing which thread
wakes up and executes work on another thread. PerfMark allows users to express this
relationship explicitly, making for a clear picture of how code flows.

@@ -74,6 +74,24 @@ Future<Response> buildResponse() {

To view the traces in your browser, generate the HTML:

PerfMark.startTask("My Task");
} finally {
PerfMark.stopTask("My Task");

The output looks like:

![PerfMark Hummingbird](doc/screenshot.png "PerfMark")

## Versioning and API Stability

PerfMark uses Semantic Versioning, and thus will not break existing APIs within a minor version
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