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Releases: performant-software/neatline-omeka-s


08 Jun 02:25
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bump minimum Omeka version to 3

Development Release v0.5.0

23 Feb 16:46
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Release Overview

This release updates the authentication process for Neatline. It opens up /api/login and /api/logout API end points to allow for authentication via REST API. It also implements a token based authentication that is refreshed each time the user logs in.

This release also provides a zip file installer that can be extracted into the /path/to/omeka-s/modules directory to add the Neatline module to an Omeka-s instance.

Development Release v0.3.0

26 Feb 16:06
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This release updates Neatline to be compatible with, and require, Omeka S 2.x.

Development Release v0.1.0

18 Feb 16:15
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Development Release v0.1.0

This is a PHP Module to be installed Omeka S, to be used with the Neatline "Single Page Application" (SPA), a new front end for Neatline written in javascript. Together, they implement a new version of Neatline for Omeka S.

This module provides authentication and data persistence through a REST API, which the Neatline SPA uses to provide familiar administrative and end-user interfaces to Neatline. This version of Neatline is a complete rewrite, and is compatible only with Omeka S.

Release Overview

This release is not suitable for production use, and the API is subject to change at any time.

This release is intended to support ongoing development and testing, and should not be used for production purposes. Some features are missing, and it may contain bugs. Please open an issue if you encounter one.

Future development releases will be similarly numbered, following the Semantic Versioning Specification, until a production-ready release is made, which will be tagged v1.0.0. Exact timing of that release has yet to be determined.

Features implemented

  • Basic User Authentication via JWT
  • Exhibit creation and editing
  • Record creation and editing
  • Creation of map features on records

Known issues

  • All exhibits are visible to all logged-in administrators
  • Records cannot be created from Omeka items
  • Some record styling options are not available
  • User interface design is very basic
  • Access the Neatline user interface by adding /neatline to the end of the public site URL

Other notes

This version of Neatline is designed to be served either from within Omeka (similarly to how Neatline 2.6 works with Omeka Classic), or as a stand alone, "Single Page Application" ("SPA"), which persists data to an Omeka (or other) backend through a REST API. This release is focused on the classic, Omeka-served approach, but future releases will introduce more support and documentation for stand-alone installations.

This release does not contain a zipped installer; for development purposes, deployment is done using git submodules, and is documented here. A future release will include a build of the module including the SPA, which can be installed into Omeka S as usual.

We expect many users to serve Neatline as they have in the past, directly within an Omeka S installation, and we will release a module which makes that as easy as it has been in the past. A few differences will be readily evident.

Apart from the installation, configuration and upgrade interface, which will be handled within the Omeka admin interface as before, all Neatline exhibit and record administration will occur within the front end application. Exhibit creation, editing, and management are now concerns of the "Neatline SPA".

The UI for this release is not polished; the next release will introduce a cleaned up and improved user interface.