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Composer is a song editor for creating (and converting) notes for music games in various formats. It attempts to make the process easy by automating as much as possible while providing a simple and attractive interface to do the remaining manual work. See the webpage for full introduction.

Table of Contents


You can access binaries through the downloads page.

Building and installing from source


  • CMake (build tool)
  • Qt 5 or higher (QtCore, QtGui, QtXml, Phonon) Qt5 multimedia lib
  • FFmpeg libs (AVFormat)

Obtaining source code

 git clone git://


Use the regular CMake workflow:

  mkdir composer/build
  cd composer/build
  cmake ../


You can find help by pressing F1-key inside the application or by accessing its Help-menu.


  • I get a crash on Mac OSX.
    • We are working on it. Feel free to help though.
  • Synthesizer sounds distorted / doesn't work.
    • The audio library used (Phonon) is not well suited for this and the implementation is rather hacky. This will be fixed by dropping Phonon. In the meantime, make sure you are not using some broken phonon-backend, i.e. vlc seems to be horrible, whereas xine adequete and gstreamer the best.
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