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Hack the source, find things that you could do better. We accept small and large changes. Even typos, missing source code comments and other details should be fixed, and it is all there. If you don't know anything about programming, you can still make new themes or translations.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the development of Performous!

Most development discussion happens on #performous on Freenode, so you'd better come there. If you are not familiar with IRC, you can use webchat.

To get started, retrieve the current development version from Git and build it.

Steps for submitting a patch

We prefer everyone using Git from the start instead of sending patches etc. This allows easier future maintaining and automatic author tracking, not to mention that we'd like you to stay with the project and make further improvements :)

If you are not familiar with Git, there is plenty of good documentation on Github and elsewhere:

Make a fork of Performous to your own Github account, make your changes and finally send us a pull request, so that we can add your work to Performous. If you wish to join the team and directly commit to Performous, edit this wiki or do other maintenance, tell us your account name and we'll add it.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck or something is unclear!

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