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2015-01-27, Version 2.2.4
- Bugfix again on View creation
- Fixed issue #57 (specify a tab in the URL)
- Add more lines to top process table
2014-11-29, Version 2.2.3
- Bugfix on View Open when there are more than 10 views
- Bugfix on View creation
- Show an error message in Selections when cdsrc does not exist
2014-11-07, Version 2.2.2
- Bugfix on aggregators configuration (again)
2014-10-08, Version 2.2.1
- Bugfix on aggregators configuration
- missing var $debug_enabled
2014-09-11, Version 2.2
- New Import/Export feature
- Collectd sources : new "Auto-detect" option.
- Bugfix in Top ps window on Memory display
- Top Process : keep sort options when clicking on previous/next
- Bugfix in Vu Meter for CPU and MEM
- Developers only : new checks on json_item_datas (less mem / better control)
- Developers only : container option 'sort' now saved in 'container_options'
2014-03-26, Version 2.1
- Bugs fixed when moving/copying nodes in the tree
- New Postgresql support
- Aggregators can be disabled for some Collectd sources
- Developers only : Collectd source moved from datas to new dedicated column 'cdsrc'
- IE users : Copy a graph to the Windows clipboard (See Release Notes for Mozilla and IE)
2014-02-21, Version 2.0
- New configuration table in db
- New tabs system : using markup language
- New node type : selections. Those are empty nodes where you can add tabs (with markup language)
- No more local access to Collectd. Only using remote features (need jsonrpc plugin)
- Possible use of multiple Collectd sources (need to configure 'cdsrc')
- bin/aggregator.conf uses a configurable path to generate aggregator configuration files
- Upgrade to jquery-ui-1.10.3
- Using JQuery-UI portlets
- Added FreeBSD colors for memory graphs (anonymous user request)
- New icon for left tree root
- Removed vu_cpu_meter and load_meter for folders
- New syntax for direct host/tab access : #host_/source/host(/tab)
- Fixed memory definitions for SSC Serv
- 'Processes' tab now has filters
- New menu design
- New clipboard feature to store graph definitions (for copy/paste to selections)
- New zoom on graph. The new one is intuitive.
- Peuplator can now clean the database (remove orphan items)
- Removed "export" broken feature for graphs.
- Disambiguation for licenses in some files
- Removed keyboard navigation in tabs to prevent conflicts with edition in tabs
- Tabs : use jqueryui tabs
- Tabs : new '+' tab to add a tab
- Tabs : custom tabs are sortable (position is saved)
- Grids : use jqgrid plugin
- Layout : use jquery.layout plugin
- Generic plugin view : use jqueryui button()
- Views : use jqgrid plugin to load a view
- Menu : removed useless entries; moved 'views' to the left
- Updated some dialogs (noty now only for notifications)
- Noty updated to version 2.2.2
- Many bugs fixed
2013-08-29, Version 1.3
- Fixed bug #33 (Broken aggregators / an aggregator for "n")
- new URL syntax : #host_<hostname>/<plugin> (replaces undocumented #host_<hostname>)
- New feature : timeline
2013-04-29, Version 1.2
- New feature : in folder tabs, you can now display folder aggregators. Previously only aggregators (for the selected folder) and hosts/plugins could be shown.
- New feature : views (old menu 'views' was renamed as 'display' and there is a new 'view' menu )
- Updated the database creation scripts (no more automatic initialization)
- Apache proxy is no longer needed. Connection to jsonrpc is now done thanks to curl library
- Bugs fixed
2013-03-25, Version 1.1
- Removed obsolete mysql_* function calls (YM - issue #25)
- Reindent php files (YM)
- Use new topps collectd-pw plugin for top process (CF)
- Folder tabs : limited lifetime (CF - issue #21))
- Code and config cleanup (pexio - #22)
- New bin/get_all_children_path executable (YM)
2012-11-06, Version 1.0
Initial version