Powershell Cmdlets for Hewlett Packard Insight Management WBEM providers
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Powershell Cmdlets for Hewlett Packard Insight Management WBEM providers

Functions in this module

  • Get-HPArrayDisks

    Information about pysical disks attached to array controllers

  • Get-HPArrayControllers

    Information about installed array controllers

  • Get-HPArrayVolumes

    Information about array storage volumes

  • Get-HPiLOInformation

    Information about iLO interfaces in a system

  • Get-HPNetworkAdapters

    Information about activated network adapters in a system

  • Get-HPPowerSupplies

    Information about installed power supplies

  • Get-HPSystemInformation

    Basic information about system such as product and serial number, amount and type of CPU, RAM and power supplies

  • Get-HPTapeDrives

    Information about HP tape drives connected to a system through an HP controller

  • Get-HPTemperatureSensor

    Temperature status readings from all thermal sensors in a system


Import module in PowerShell:

Import-Module hp-wbem.psm1

Getting help

The Cmdlets are documented so you can use the normal get-help command in Powershell after loading the module.

Get-Help Get-HPArrayDisks