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Revision history for Test-Regression
0.01 12-09-2009
First version
0.02 13-09-2009
Headline documentation error. Fixed t/changes.t and t/manifest.t
0.03 20-09-2009
Added more dependencies and license
0.04 28-09-2009
Various documentation changes
0.05 21-01-2010
Tested for zero-length output in generating file (rt53893).
Added tests for 'open' and 'print' functions failing.
Migrated to OS independent access to file system in test scripts
0.06 19-11-2010
Switched to binmode for better portability (rt60638).
Thank to Christian Walde. Also switched to utf8 format for code.
0.07 11-07-2013
Marked more tests as author tests to avoid bogus fails.