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Pericia.DataExport is a dotnet library to export any IEnumerable<T> to an xlsx or csv file.


The library Pericia.DataExport is available on Nuget : NuGet

You can install it with the following command line in your Package Manager Console :

Install-Package Pericia.DataExport

Or with dotnet core :

 dotnet add package Pericia.DataExport 

How to use

The data exported will be a file with column titles on the first line, and all your data on the following lines.

To export your data, you will need to define how it will be exported

Export using Attributes on your model

Add the attribute ExportColumn on the properties you want to export. The attributes contains 2 properties : Title (the name of the column) ans Order (tu sort your columns)

    public class SampleData
        [ExportColumn(Title = "Number", Order = 1)]
        public int IntData { get; set; }

        [ExportColumn(Title = "Text", Order = 2)]
        public string TextData { get; set; }

Create your exporter

You can use either CsvDataExporter or XlsxDataExporter :

	var data = new List<SampleData>()
		new SampleData{ IntData=5, TextData="Hello"},
		new SampleData{ IntData=20, TextData="Yoo"},
		new SampleData{ IntData=10, TextData="This is some text"},

	var csvExporter = new CsvDataExporter();
	var csvResult = csvExporter.Export(data);
	var xlsxExporter = new XlsxDataExporter();
	var xlsxResult = xlsxExporter.Export(data);

Create Xlsx file with several sheets

While the csv exporter will only allow you to export one set of data, with the xlsx exporter you can create several sheets with different data on each.

	var xlsxExporter = new XlsxDataExporter();
	xlsxExporter.AddSheet(data1, name="sheet title 1");
	xlsxExporter.AddSheet(data2, name="sheet title 2");
	var xlsxResult = xlsxExporter.GetFile();

Export using SQL Data Reader

If you want to export a query result without binding it to a model, you can use an SqlDataReader :

	using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString))
		SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("SELECT OrderID, CustomerID FROM dbo.Orders", connection);
		SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();
		var xlsxExporter = new XlsxDataExporter();
		var xlsxResult = xlsxExporter.Export(reader);


The exporters will output a MemoryStream. You can directly save it to a file, or return it in a FileResult in an MVC website.


Pericia.DataExport is a .NET library to export any IEnumerable<T> to an xlsx or csv file.







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