Add prophecy to your peridot tests and auto inject mocks
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Peridot Prophecy Plugin

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Use Peridot with the amazing mocking framework Prophecy


We recommend installing this plugin to your project via composer:

$ composer require --dev peridot-php/peridot-prophecy-plugin:~1.0

You can register the plugin via your peridot.php file.

use Evenement\EventEmitterInterface;
use Peridot\Plugin\Prophecy\ProphecyPlugin;

return function(EventEmitterInterface $emitter) {
    $plugin = new ProphecyPlugin($emitter);

Registering this plugin will add a ProphecyScope as a child scope to all of your tests. This will allow you to get a prophet object in all of your tests.

describe('Bird', function() {
    it('should fly', function() {
        $mock = $this->getProphet()->prophesize('Bird');
        //do stuff with the mock

###Automatic injection of mock

If a test suite's description is an existing class, the prophecy plugin will automatically inject a $subject instance variable into your tests that is a mock of the class.

describe('Vendor\Namespace\Klass', function() {
    it('should have a subject', function() {
        $instance = $this->subject->reveal();
        assert($instance instanceof Klass, 'should be instance of Klass');

###Using the scope on a test by test basis

Like any other peridot scope, you can mix the ProphecyScope provided by this plugin on a test by test, or suite by suite basis.

use Peridot\Plugin\Prophecy\ProphecyScope;

describe('Bird', function() {
    //here we manually mixin the http kernel scope
    $scope = new ProphecyScope();

    it('should fly', function() {
        $mock = $this->getProphet()->prophesize('Bird');
        //do stuff with the mock

##Example specs

To test examples that are using the plugin, run the following:

$ vendor/bin/peridot example/bird.spec.php

##Running plugin tests

$ vendor/bin/peridot specs/