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EmberJS + Magpie Test Application
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Firebrand is a demo application for Magpie using EmberJS + EmberREST. It started out as an experiment to see if Magpie could easily handle the REST requirements something like EmberJS required. The answer was yes. It however turned out that it made a sufficiently good demo application to explain the concepts behind Magpie to Matt S. Trout. Based on his feedback the application was revised a bit to better illustrate the principles involved.

There may still be a few bugs in this, but considering we were trying to translate from Rails to Magpie that's probably expected.

Finally all of the EmberJS/EmberREST code is stolen/based upon this series of blog posts.

Getting Started

Firebrand is a Dist::Zilla managed application. You'll need to have Dist::Zilla installed to get it up and running. We'll also assume you have cpanm installed. If both of those are ready to go simply do the following:

git clone git://
cd Firebrand
dzil authordeps | cpanm 
cpanm # install magpie
dzil listdeps | cpanm # install everything else 

Once everything is installed simply run plackup to start the server.


You should have a working application on port 5000 (or whatever your plackup defaulted to).

Getting Help

You're more than welcome to the #magpie channel on and ask questions.

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