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Simple Blogging Software in Perl, similar to blosxome or Jekyll

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Blawd -- a Jekyll/Bloxsom like Blog Built around Git

Blawd is a blog aware git based content management system, similar to Bloxsom or Jekyll. It has managed to replace MovableType on my personal blog, but it is still very very rough. By default it will generate a tree of HTML documents, but it can be run as a server as well using Plack.

The Name

04:24 <@perigrin> .ety blossom
04:24 <+phenny> "O.E. blostma, from P.Gmc. *blo-s-, from PIE *bhle-, extended 
                form of *bhel- 'to thrive, bloom.' This is the native word, now 
                largely superseded by bloom and flower." - 
04:25 <@perigrin> interesting
04:25 <@perigrin> .ety flower
04:25 <+phenny> "c.1200, from O.Fr. flor, from L. florem (nom. flos) 'flower' 
                (see flora), from PIE base *bhlo- 'to blossom, flourish' (cf. 
                M.Ir. blath, Welsh blawd 'blossom, flower,' O.E. blowan 'to 
                flower, bloom')." -


blawd server --repo /path/to/blog.git 
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