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The Enlightened Perl Organization - Extended Core Working Group
* Chris Prather
* Cory Watson
* Mike Whitaker
* Jay Shirley
* Jess Robinson
* Chris Vertonghen
The Goal of the EPO-EC working group is to produce a List of modules that are
considered "Best of Breed" modules for domains typically encountered by a
large Perl Enterprise or Consulting business. This list will be package into a
standard distribution and work will be made to integrate this distribution
with the standard installation channels for popular Operating System vendors.
In building the list the Working Group membership will actively pursue people
in a management level at well known enterprises that are known Perl shops for
their recommendations and reviews of the modules being considered for approval.
1. Create list of community "leaders" (high-level positions at companies or
major contributors to the community, experts in a domain) that can "vet" our
2. List of Domains that the EPO-EC will cover.
3. List of recommended Modules.
4. Validate Module list with community leader and get "reviews" as to *why*
they're recommended.
5. List of secondary Modules that *should* be in future EPO-EC but cannot yet
for specific reasons.
6. List of *specific* ways the EPO can help the secondary List be promoted to
the EPO-EC
7. A "Task::EPO-EC" module that defines the Extended Core Modules and allows
one to Bootstrap off CPAN
8. A workable plan on how to build a EPO-EC Perl Distribution
1. February 20: List of Domains (1)
2. March 24: Lists of Modules, Recommendations and initial Task::EPO (2-5)
3. April 24: Update of Task EPO
4. May 24: Update of Task EPO
5. May 30: Alpha/Beta release of EPO-Dist (7)
6. June 24: Update of Task EPO
7. July 24: Update of Task EPO
8. August 24: Update of Task EPO
9. September 24: Update of Task EPO
10. September 30: Release of EPO-Dist