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Initial Import of Ideas from the Mailing List

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+The Enlightned Perl Organization - Extended Core Working Group
+Initial Membership
+* Chris Prather
+* Cory Watson
+* Mike Whitaker
+* Jay Shirley
+1. Identify domains that need modules chosen and establish a process for
+ongoing maintenance of these domains.
+2. List of recommended Modules with reviews as to *why* they're recommended.
+3. List of secondary modules that *should* be in future EPO-EC but cannot yet
+currently for specific reasons
+4. List of *specific* ways the EPO can help the secondary List be promoted to
+the EPO-EC
+5. A "Task::EPO-EC" module that defines the Extended Core Modules and allows
+one to Bootstrap off CPAN
+6. A workable plan on how to build a EPO-EC Perl Distribution
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