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add Yuval and a short script on contact advisors

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@@ -27,4 +27,19 @@ Nicholas Clark (nicholas)
Rafel Garcia Suarez (rgs)
brian d foy
+Yuval Kogman (nothingmuch)
+Small script for contacting an advisor:
+Hi, I'm [The Doctor] from the EPO Extended Core Working Group and we were
+wondering if you'd be interested in being and advisor for us. Basically what
+we'd want you to do would only take about an hour a month and you'd just look
+over a list of modules and issues we have and make comments on them. We
+approached you because of your position as [Empororer of the Daleks] and we're
+trying to pull together a group of people who are well respected by the
+community in their respective domains.
+[The Doctor]

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