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-The Enlightned Perl Organization - Extended Core Working Group
+The Enlightened Perl Organization - Extended Core Working Group
Initial Membership
@@ -10,11 +9,23 @@ Initial Membership
* Mike Whitaker
* Jay Shirley
+The Goal of the EPO-EC working group is to produce a List of modules that are
+considered "Best of Breed" modules for domains typically encountered by a
+large Perl Enterprise or Consulting business. This list will be package into a
+standard distribution and work will be made to integrate this distribution
+with the standard installation channels for popular Operating System vendors.
+In building the list the Working Group membership will actively pursue people
+in a management level at well known enterprises that are known Perl shops for
+their recommendations and reviews of the modules being considered for approval.
-1. Identify domains that need modules chosen and establish a process for
-ongoing maintenance of these domains.
+1. List of Domains that the EPO-EC will cover.
2. List of recommended Modules with reviews as to *why* they're recommended.
3. List of secondary modules that *should* be in future EPO-EC but cannot yet
currently for specific reasons
@@ -24,7 +35,18 @@ the EPO-EC
one to Bootstrap off CPAN
6. A workable plan on how to build a EPO-EC Perl Distribution
+1. February 20: List of Domains (1)
+2. March 24: Lists of Modules, Reccmendations and inintial Task::EPO (2-5)
+3. April 24: Update of Task EPO
+4. May 24: Update of Task EPO
+5. May 30: Alpha/Beta release of EPO-Dist (6)
+6. June 24: Update of Task EPO,
+7. July 24: Update of Task EPO
+8. August 24: Update of Task EPO
+9. September 24: Update of Task EPO
+10. Septebmer 30: Release of EPO-Dist
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+Process for Starting an EPO Working Group
+1. Identify a problem domain not currently covered by an existing working
+2. Establish a group interested in working on the problem
+3. Write up an initial Charter for submission to the EPO that contains
+deliverables and a timeline for delivery
+4. Submit the Charter to the EPO for consideration

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